CAZAL – Legends

CAZAL – Legends

Vintage? Retro? Legends!

Go big, or stay home has always been the motto of designer label CAZAL. The iconic label is now re-releasing their original classic models 623, 856, 901 and 904 in limited edition collection. And no, CAZAL is not following the trend towards labeling everything that looks even remotely old as “vintage.” Much rather, the re-release is a celebration of the brand’s history, as Cari Zalloni explains:

The access to real vintage styles is the privilege of manufacturing companies that can – over a long period of time – look back at an independent, and preferably unique as well as widely esteemed design tradition. Vintage, in that sense, equals authenticity and sustained, original creativity. Vintage cannot be produced intentionally. It’s rather a – often unexpected – second lifecycle of some styles, that are then traded and purchased as style icons to delight an entirely different age and customer group than originally intended.

Our May issue of Eyewear Magazine will feature more details on the new CAZAL Legends collection.

Here’s a short preview:

The 623 was initially released in 1984 and worn by greats like Sammy Davis Jr., among others.



The 856 model was released in October 1986 and featured prominently in the Guy Ritchie flick “Rock’n Rolla.”



In December 1981, CAZAL released the 901 model, sported by Kanye West in the music video for “Touch the sky.”



The 904 was released in October 1986.


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