Classics Revisited – Cazal

BANG! They’re back! Cazal has re-released four of its iconic 1980s styles; four design originals straight from a another planet. Call them the Four Musketeers, Fantastic Four, Four Aces – or simply: Cazal Legends. In search of four outstanding examples of opulent, trendsetting styles – blended with outstanding craftmanship and quality materials – look no further than these hot new releases. The collection is Cazal’s response to the growing popularity of extravagant vintage models. But make no mistake: The bold styles in the Legends Edition are not for the timid, or those who like to remain on the sidelines. These glasses are living proof of Cari Zalloni’s motto: “Great design is no matter of leaving things out” – as these feature-laden spectacles clearly demonstrate. Overall, Cazal has achieved a successful relaunch in terms of their choice of featured styles, as well as colorways and interplay between models. Cazal fans and collectors will rejoice at this offering, because originals in mint condition are a rare treat. Cazal Legends offer everyone a chance to wear great pieces of eyewear history today.

In the mid-1980s, Cazal’s Model 623 was a highly coveted status symbol in the hip-hop scene. These were the signature glasses worn by the Fat Boys, who added extra flair with rhinestone decorations. Other show biz greats such as Sammy Davis Jr. embraced the striking look of these frames, truly in a league of their own in terms of size and bulk. The 623 is best worn in classic Old School hip-hop tradition with Cazal demo lenses.

The 856 is an exotic model in a line-up of outstanding originals. A stylish throwback to the late 1980s with a single wraparound lens. The 856 emerged back in the spotlight thanks to Guy Ritchie’s latest movie “RocknRolla” in 2008, where Johnny Quid wears the Cazal Legend in combination with a bare chest while handling large-caliber handguns. Can you say classic? Cazal offers the 856 in three typical candy colors. The slightly tinted gradient lens makes this a perfect accessory for clubbing, shopping or red carpet appearances (maybe leave the handguns at home).

The aviator shape of the 901 is not only the oldest, but also the best-known style among the Cazal Legends. Its re-release bears testament to the never-ending cool of aviator glasses. Originally labelled as the “901 Sport Design,” it was later sold as the “TARGA Design.” Compared to the other three legends, the 901 remained in production for the longest amount of time. Out of all four style icons, this is surely the least unconventional one, and a clear nod to enduring, timeless design aesthetics.

The 904 also features a wraparound lens and could have landed straight out of a 1986s video from Planet Breakdance. Available in a sumptuous palette of five different colorways, all replete with matching gradient lenses. A rarity in its own time, the 904 is spot-on with the current trend towards late 1980s neon disco styles.


Text: Alexander Dosiehn

Photos: Stefan Dongus, Frederik Augustin

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