Clémence & Margaux // Sisterhood Conquers All

When it comes to family stories, Clémence & Margaux is as heartwarming as it gets. Two sisters living in France, one with a visual impairment, the other with a passion for fashion. In order to help make her young sister’s life easier, Margaux embarks on an investigative journey through the eyewear industry to find a visual aid for her dear Clémence.

Inspired by her older sister’s passion for style, Clémence soon starts adding her own dose of personality to the design process. Through the alchemy of talent, teamwork, and sisterly love several years later a new eyewear brand is born: CLÉMENCE & MARGAUX.

Strengthened by their unique bond from a young age onward, the two French company founders have channeled their mutual interests into a quite sizeable eyewear collection. Founded in 2012, the brand cultivates a style that can best be described as retro-inspired and enhanced by a healthy dose of glamor, playful fantasy, and love for detail. With their eyewear creations, CLÉMENCE & MARGAUX speak to self-confident women that like to present themselves in a flattering and feminine manner. A lot like the two founders!

With an eye for colorful 1970s style, the brand’s eyewear frames appear in rounded or angled geometries in an oversized form factor. Crafted from delicate metal and titanium with front sections in subtle colorways. Sometimes with a tortoise surface, or even adorned by accents in rosé or turquoise all the way to the temple tips. In short: Eyewear by CLÉMENCE & MARGAUX always dazzles with a tasteful combination of materials, themes, and colorways. Say adieu to mere functional visual aids and bonjour to life-affirming fashion statements!

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