Collection Check: Barton Perreira

Patty Perreira gives us the lowdown on her new eyewear styles

Patty, what inspires you in general?
Almost everything. And I have very eclectic taste… love, life, music… you name it! Working against the odds often brings out the best in me!

What inspired you in the design of your new collection?
1960’s pop culture, american heritage, 20th century architecture, Hollywood’s Golden Age and an array of exquisite materials.  .

How many pieces are in the new collection? Sun vs. RX?
There are nine sunglasses and eleven optical models, although many of the optical styles look great as sunglasses so we sell them as sunnies, as well.

What are the materials you played with?
Titanium, Beta-Titanium, Japanese Zyl, Carbon Fibre and Snakeskin and Leopard Print Foil Inlays, which are a signature of Barton Perreira.

What about the quality of the lenses?
We use the highest quality Japanese lenses in Mineral Glass, Nylite and polarized CR-39.

What are the color themes?
Unique textures, rich jewel tones and saturated hues borrowed from nature occupy the focal point of my designs.

What are your favorite styles in the collection?

Nelson, Wonderlust and Bouvier and… Ribisi. I love the Ribisi… it looks great on both men and women.  I have chosen it for myself in color Heroine Chic with Vintage Green mineral glass lenses.

What is the division of the collection in terms of gender? As in: male, female, unisex?
30% masculine, 40% feminine and 30% unisex.

Describe the people you want to wear BP eyewear!
Connoisseurs of style, fashion provocateurs with a heightened sense of luxury… discriminating tastemakers who enjoy the thrill of discovery!

Mainstream or cutting edge?
Somewhere in between. In order to be truly successful, there has to be harmony and balance within the collection.

What makes the difference between your new collection and other labels?
Barton Perreira’s devotion to craft and refined, less-is-more aesthetic.

What about BP stores?
We have one for now in Aspen, Colorado.

What are the most famous testimonials from people wearing BP?
There are quite a few famous faces wearing Barton Perreira… Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum. Snoop Dogg… and many others.

If it wasn’t about Barton Perreira, which would be you favorite label?
Vintage… I love the impeccable craftsmanship.

That is very diplomatic. Thank you.

“I like the Zeak for it’s immaculate construction and street-inspired style.”

“I like the Cenci because it is mod-chic rolled into luxe hippie glamour and I think it is particularly right for the season.”

“I like the Nelson because of it’s heritage silhouette, reflecting that aesthetic at it’s purist.”

“I’m obsessed with the Ribisi because it is a mix of classic vintage and avant-garde. I believe it is directional enough to start trends.”

“I love the Bouvier because it embraces the stylish sophisticated spirit of Jackie O and is a direct reference to the 60’s.”

“I like the Wonderlust because it captures the image of 60’s French pop and is deliberately provocative with edgy sex appeal.”

“I like the Cassady for it’s poetic beauty. The ultra-thin zyl gives it a heightened sense of luxury.”

“I like the Landon for its exquisite materials. The interplay of titanium and zyl creates fluid architecture and decorated minimalism.”

“I like the Skyler for it’s guilt-free simplicity and non-conformist style.”

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