Blackfin launches new Campaign Video 2018 “Spiritual Renaissance”

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PM 2017-10-12 LANZAROTE

Dark and light, doubt and certainty, weakness and inner strength.

In the new communications campaign Spiritual Renaissance Blackfin refers to all of these, speaking in its own language. This is why, among the many possible locations, Lanzarote was chosen as a place of contrasting landscapes where it was possible to tell the story of a journey that is not only physical but, above all spiritual.

The cliffs, the lava rocks, the ocean waves, the desert land, the endless roads created the ideal backdrop for this inner journey that begins by freeing oneself from all that is superfluous. It then proceeds by looking at the world with new eyes and concludes with the rediscovery of the self.

This natural set with its extremes and special fascination played a fundamental role in pushing to the limit this idea of the search, being best able to transmit the authenticity of the message and to obtain a truly remarkable realistic effect. It yielded a narrative whose visual and sound effects are hard to forget. The production team have created a deeply moving video and highly involving photographic shots.

The inner journey related by the 2018 campaign is the same as the one made by Blackfin. The company began its rebirth directly when it looked into itself, recognising the values that made it unique, setting these up as the lynchpin of a vision that rejects all that is standardised, refusing to countenance mediocrity and to accept conventional definitions.

“In last year’s campaign we dealt with the concept of limits, understood not as a danger, but with enthusiasm as a new departure point. A great metaphor for the corporate status quo. In 2018, keeping faith with our pay-off “Looking beyond. Always”, we want to look beyond from a more inner, almost spiritual point of view. In recent years the world has forgotten many essential ethical values which it is trying to rediscover with considerable difficulty, in some cases in a completely unnatural way. Blackfin has never lost those values nor has it ever betrayed them. With the new campaign we want to emphasise the importance of a general return to the true essence of things” – asserts Nicola Del Din, CEO of Blackfin.

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