Evergreen: Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Evergreen: RAY-BAN Wayfarer

A true style classic, the Wayfarer shade by RAY-BAN ranges among the most popular sunglasses styles of all time. And in the past few years, the original has made an impressive comeback. Initially designed in 1952 by Robert Stegmann, the Wayfarer was originally intended for use by pilots. Even the choice of materials was truly revolutionary at the time: a pair of sunglasses entirely crafted from plastics had never been done before and was considered unthinkable.

In an instant, the trapezoid-shaped model became a style icon. Over the years, the Wayfarer has not only become a popular accessory, but is considered emblematic of an entire lifestyle. Countless celebrities of the 1950s and 1960s, including James Dean, John Lennon, Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and John F. Kennedy openly displayed their love for the Wayfarer. It would remain a staple on the silver screen in years to come, just think of 1980s movies like “Blues Brothers.”

The Wayfarer has experienced a significant revival over the past few years and a number of colorways have been added to the classic black in the process. Stars like Paris Hilton, Fergie or Amy Winehouse have made the new colorful versions their calling card. Right at the very top of the list are frames in white and red. And even at black tie events, the Wayfarer Classic is still the perfect choice for the discerning gentleman of today.

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