Design is a Weapon


New ideas are great. So is competition, both in the realm of design and in journalism. And here is our idea – maybe not entirely new, but still superb: Let’s lock two designers from successful eyewear labels into a studio together and force them into dialogue! We’re thinking creative masterminds and progressive pioneers who love and live their designs. Much like Fabian Hofmann from Berlin and Tobias Wandrup from Copenhagen. Both are independent designers as well as co-founders and head designers of outstanding eyewear labels. Fabian, with a degree in architecture and a meticulous eye for aesthetic details, is one of the creatives behind Whiteout & Glare. Tobias, an experienced industrial designer, is spearheading creative concepts at Danish label Ørgreen. What would happen if we brought these two creative minds together? A productive dialogue about the essence of design, or a head-on battle of the wits and all-out bonfire of the vanities? There was only one way to find out: Welcome to Crossfire – Fabian Hofmann vs. Tobias Wandrup.


Tobias Wandrup, 40 years old from Denmark

Industrial design at the Danish Design School, Copenhagen.

Besides eyewear, in which fields have you worked as a designer?
I have always been developing ideas realizing my visions. I’ve been operating my own design studio for 15 years, developing furniture, everyday objects, electronics, trolleys and diving equipment.

How many glasses have you designed so far?
Probably more than 1,000 drafts.

The best designers?
Kaerholm, Jacobsen, Wegner and Panton, and of course the Eames brothers.

Best designer product?
The Aston Martin DB9 is really far up there, just like the Egg Chair. And Apple founded a new contemporary dimension. Best designer label? Porsche 911 – still the same design in reissues. Your most important design tool? Pencil, computer and sketches in my head.

What’s special about Ørgreen?
The following three facts: 1. We use titanium and our glasses are very light, 2. the dynamic behind the collection and 3. the colorways.

Ørgreen’s bestseller?
We had our breakthrough six years ago with the Silmo, with a design inspired by the 1953 Corvette. The double-colored Airline with its lightly bent temples also carries a distinctive Ørgreen signature.

What do you like about Whiteout & Glare?
You can clearly see that Fabian is a versatile designer. Whiteout & Glare’s glasses are very sculpted and coherent in their shapes – their exclusive hinges create a unique and personal look.

And what makes your designs better?
I’d rather leave this one up to the wearers, but all I can say is: their quality and light weight.


Fabian Hofmann, 45 years old from Switzerland

Studied architecture and have always worked as a designer since earning my diploma.

Besides eyewear, in which fields have you worked as a designer?
I used to have my own design agency, specializing in furniture and utility objects made from porcelain and glass, and also textile designs, glasses and watches. Also design of interiors such as trade show booths, flagship stores – architecture with a connection to products and product aesthetics.

How many glasses have you designed so far?
Hundreds, maybe even thousands. The best designers? Definitely Ray & Charles Eames, what a cliché! But also Verner Panton and recently Marc Newson and Konstantin Krcic.

Best designer product?
The glass fiber series by R&CE.

Best designer label?
The electronic product series by Apple’s design team headed by Jonathan Ives.

Your most important design tool?
My head.

What’s special about Whiteout & Glare?
Our designs always start out fat and three-dimensional. We sculpt our frames, which is why they will never look lightweight. Even if they are lightweight! We always start our with a block and reduce it until we arrive at the shape.

Whiteout & Glare’s Bestseller?
Volt / Isolator, Mountain / Aiguille Verte

What do you like about Ørgreen?
Their unique way of creating something spatial from two-dimensional materials. And of courses their happy and fail-safe color combinations. Respect!

And what makes your designs better?
That they cannot be improved upon…

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