Details – Triggernaut Transmission

Details – Triggernaut Transmission

One shade for all intents and purposes: No matter if you’re surfing, skiing or cycling, the “Transmission” model by TRIGGERNAUT is the perfect choice for any type of terrain. These multifunctional athletic sunglasses are real allround talents and can be customized to the wearer’s individual needs. And did we mention they also look extremely stylish?

The polarized lenses on the Transmission model absorb 99,9 percent of the sunlight reflect off of shiny and reflective surfaces, allowing the human eye a far better chance for detecting details in the environment. The Transmission offers an interchangeable lens system with splinter-free, polarized polycarbon lenses (Filter class “3”) for sunny conditions and orange polycarbon lenses (Filer class “1”) for diffuse lighting conditions. The best part: The Transmission can also be equipped with prescription lenses.

thletes love the “Transmission” for the high reliability of the Hidden Transforming-System. It lets the wearer switch out the temples for an elastic athletic ribbon in a snap. You can also detach the FTV wind shield and attach a safety leash to avoid losing the shades in the water, making the “Transmission” the perfect pair of shades for surfing, cycling, skiing, sailing or snowboarding. The wind block features specially constructed wind channels to ensure optimal air flow to prevent the lenses from fogging up without irritating the eyes.

The light-weight frames of the Transmission are made from TRI 90, a splinter-free high-performance polyamide that is able to endure even the heaviest falls. These multifunctional shades are the perfect choice for surfing, cycling, skiing, sailing or snowboarding. And with their combination of utmost functionality with appealing design, the Transmission is also the perfect accessory for walking around town in style.


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