ECO’s New Biobased Collection

Carbon negative eyewear

With over 3.3 million trees planted through ECO’s One Frame, One Tree program, they continue to pioneer sustainable eyewear as a carbon negative brand.

From seeds to frames?

Their Biobased frames are crafted using castor seed oil, making them lightweight, comfortable – and sustainable.

ECO Eyewear, the carbon-negative eyewear brand, is introducing a new biobased collection for SS24. With eight new styles, and the same amount of matching magnetic sun clip-ons, there is a sustainable choice for everyone.

One of the standout pieces from the five women styles introduced in the collection is MARIGOLD, an angular design with a big personality. This stylish, soft hexagon shape with a slight cat-eye corner, adds a playful twist to any outfit. Another showstopper is FLORA, a rounder cat-eye shape that is as flattering as it is eye-catching.

As for men’s styles, the Biobased collection offers a total of three new rectangular options that are as attention-grabbing as they are environmentally friendly. Drawing inspiration from the 60s, HEATH features a chunkier square frame with a flat browline, showcasing your confident personality. And for those who want to make a lasting impression, ELM, with its thick-rimmed classic square design, is the ideal choice to elevate your eyewear game.

What sets the SS24 collection apart is the signature combination of metal temples seamlessly inserted in the injection Biobased material. Moreover, the collection offers a wide array of vibrant colors, ranging from cooler tones such as Blue Crystal, Olive Gradients, Bright Green, and Teal Blue, to softer spring hues like Peach, Cream, Blush Tort, and Light Pink. And as the main characteristic of this collection, all introduced frames can effortlessly transform into stylish sunglasses with a matching magnetic UV-protective and polarized clip-on.

ECO Eyewear has proudly offered sustainable eyewear since 2009. For more information about their Biobased frames and commitment to sustainability, visit

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