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Eyewear Brand Salt. Meets Fashion In South-California

When two Southern California brands with similar aesthetic ideals get together for a collaboration, the results can be larger than the sum of all parts. Case in point: The new »Chico« sunnies, a charming love child spawned by the summer collab between eyewear brand SALT. and fashion label SECOND/LAYER. The »Chico« steps to the plate as a perfectly proportioned shade available in three versions; black and silver, black and gold and tortoise and silver. With a healthy dose of unforgettable 1990s flavor, the »Chico« embodies the relaxed lifestyle of Southern California skaters and surfers who love the vibes of their coastal home. The glasses also represent values like minimalism, a love for carefully appointed details and uncompromising quality. These characteristics are equally important for both SALT. and SECOND/LAYER and as a result, the »Chico« is handmade in Japan from high-grade Japanese acetate and fitted with premium polarized sunglasses lenses.

“I only have eyes for you”: With the collab and its related advertising campaign, both brands display their love for mellow summer evenings overlooking scenic sunsets. And they once again prove that great things happen when like-minded brands get together to create timeless icons.

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Here’s what Chris Noyes from SALT. had to say about the collaboration with SECOND/LAYER

Who came up with the idea for the collab?

I have known Josh and the crew at SECOND/LAYER for over a decade and from the very beginning have been a fan of their fashion designs for men. So I simply approached these guys and it already became clear in the first meeting that it would be a good fit!

What exactly makes both labels such a good match?

Both brands operate with a highly similar approach toward design and execution. Every product is created by hand from the best materials on the market. And what’s more, both brands have an affinity towards timeless classics with a modern touch.

What type of customer are you targeting with the collab?

Our collaboration celebrates the coastal California lifestyle and its rich history. It is aimed at everyone who appreciates iconic, timeless styles created from the best materials.

Find out more about the Collab:

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