It’s here: Triggernaut Transmission

It’s here: Triggernaut Transmission

The latest allround shades by Triggernaut are in stores now. The “Transmission” model is an athletic multi-talent that can endure the fastest and most action-packed activities. From kite boarding, to skiing and cycling, these athletic shades are the perfect choice for active eyewear that can be fully customized toward the wearer’s individual preference.

Hightech lenses

The Transmission features polarized lenses for optimal vision. The lenses absorb 99.9% of the sunlight reflected from shiny surfaces such as water for an undisturbed surround view of the environment. And depending on what the weather forecast predicts, the lenses can be changed in a heartbeat. The Transmission offers a choice between orange tinted lenses for diffusive lighting conditions as well as gray lenses for sunny days.

All you need

And for all those athletes who just love to go fast, the Transmission features a Hidden Transforming system. It allows the wearer to change out the temples with flexible athletic headband. These Triggernaut glasses also feature a removable wind shield and an RX clip for clipping prescription lenses behind the polarized lenses. With its stylish design, the Transmission not only raises the bar in terms of performance; it’s also the perfect accessory for a leisurely stroll around town.

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