ECO Ocean

Frames Made From Recycled Ocean Plastics

“Because plastic has no place in the ocean!”

It’s time to turn the tide on ocean waste

ECO has reasons to celebrate with the launch of their latest collection – ECO Ocean! The concept is simple and yet so innovative in the eyewear industry: ECO uses ocean based plastics and gives them new life in form of a pair of glasses! Together with Waste Free Oceans, an NGO certified by UN that works with local fishermen who collect the used plastic, ECO gathers fishing nets, ropes, and trawls from the ocean. These items then get checked, cleaned, cut, dried, and prepped.

»Coral« & »Pearl«

After that they get extruded into the plastic granules that become the ECO Ocean frames. The frames are lightweight and super comfortable with a smooth, matte finish in ocean-inspired shades like aqua, ink, and clay, as well as always-classic black, olive, and blue. In a first for ECO – you can choose between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses varieties. The whole collection is retro-inspired with a modern and functional twist, has a fresh feel with a clear identity, and is truly wearable every day.

ECO Ocean is the next step in the ECO concept

ECO Ocean is the next step in the ECO concept – not only by reducing our impact on the planet using sustainable materials, but in this case using a material that effectively cleans the oceans! With their broad offer in terms of collections, styles and materials the sustainable eyewear brand adds a definitive statement for the ECO-chic approach as the perfect supplement to the ECO Recycled and Biobased lines. ECO always wants to be tangible and accountable driving a large scale impact, that’s why they collaborate only with very serious and certified organizations that guarantee a great influence on the environment and the community.

Connection to the Sea

The brand came up with a fresh and fun new SS21 campaign to share the news on social media and the web. The atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed, just like a day at the beach! It revolves around ECO‘s important connection to the seas and spreads positive vibes encouraging the sustainable choices people can make in their everyday lives. We’re part of a generation that welcomes positive change and no matter how small, making the right choices can lead to a wave of change!

Indeed, making a difference starts with making better choices, and that’s why ECO made it their mission to use recycled metal, castor seed oil, and now ocean based plastics in their frames. And because every detail counts – all of their cases and packaging are made from sustainable materials like cornstarch and PET! Very inspiring, both the initiative and the campaign as we have all caught the “Fernweh”-virus!

»Salt«, »Pearl« & »Coral«

Find out more about the collection here

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