ECO® Celebrates Earth Day For A Week!

Planting trees is one of our ways to give back to the planet, and ECO plants one tree for every frame you buy. In honor of Earth Day on April 22,  ECO is doubling their efforts and planting TWO trees for every frame sold! Since one day isn’t really enough for celebrating our beautiful planet, ECO extends the event to an entire week. The ultimate goal is to plant 2000 trees in just one week – that’s one tree every 5 minutes. (#earthweek)

ECO’s goal is to be THE sustainable eyewear brand when it comes to choosing materials and caring for the environment. This is why the brand uses recycled metal for their recycled frames and vegetable castor seed oil as the main ingredient in their Biobased collection.

With your help and thanks to ECO’s partnership with the NGO Trees for the Future, two million trees have been planted so far. That’s huge and we are just as excited as they are to see this number rising every day; follow the progress of the One Frame – One Tree program on ECO’s social media and web!

To achieve their goal, ECO will run a promotion on April 22nd and 23rd April, targeting both the opticians (15% discount for orders placed through and customers through social media (just go to and get a frame now). No excuses!

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