ECO going strong with its bold Bioacetate Line

True to its name, indie label ECO counts among the earliest pioneers when it comes to sustainability in the eyewear game. From day one, the brand has pursued the goal of maintaining a minimal eco footprint across its products. Ever since then, the label has innovated and improved to realize this bold vision on several levels.

Alongside the use of recycled materials – mostly plastic leveraged from the planet’s oceans – ECO is also introducing a growing number of frames crafted from bioacetate. With that said, ECO is ticking all the green boxes: The label stays true to its commitment of realizing sustainability and conscious use of resources across all collections as well as manufacturing processes.

The current bioacetate collection also makes a bold statement. The form language of the frames is no longer understated, but full of fashion appeal that turns up the volume. Here’s proof that sustainability no longer equals doing things quietly behind the scenes – but loud and proud! This also rings true for ECO’s new color palette in the line: The colorways, much like the thickness of the material, are bound to draw attention. At the same time, the shapes exhibit a certain sense of lightness, perhaps through the skillful use of transparent segments.

For customers looking to go beyond purchasing resource-saving eyeglasses, there are more ways to get involved: How about supporting ECO in a Beach Clean-Up effort? For more info on eco activism and the latest collections, visit

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