We’ve all recognised the good old Springsteen classic referenced in the title of EINSTOFFEN’s new Fall Collection. But it really was this year‘s Summer, as we‘ve all lived it – the Summer That Wasn‘t, some might say – that mainly inspired the name. In that respect, the title might as well have been Dancing in the Dark… Times. In a pervasively gloomy period that has at times felt a lot like perpetual crisis, the brand is ready to take and share some concentrated doses of joie de vivre wherever we can.

And so that‘s how the new collection feels. Smells, tastes, wanderlust, celebration – and colours that pop – everywhere. The shapes are a bit rounder and more harmonious – but with clear edges and with new «E-Temples» providing added stability. In all the gloominess however, it should be mentioned that, EINSTOFFEN won a German Brand AwardAn accolade that surely sent the German Brand into a new design season with plenty of confidence – confidence that you‘ll find reflected in increasingly dynamic lines. A whopping 62 new pairs of glasses are waiting to be discovered.

Autumns are all about gentle temperatures and golden sunsets, bonfires, sweaters, and ciders. This one calls for something different. Let‘s get a little loud and bright in autumn instead. Remember the title: even if it gets dark, we won‘t stop dancing. 

Get in the Automn dancing mood by watching the Video below!

If you want to dance into Fall with us, meet us at SILMO at booth H093 in hall 5a! See you there!

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