EINSTOFFEN // Mountains & Valleys

For this year’s fall collection, Swiss Brand Einstoffen is getting a little existential. 2020 being what it is, the team had some time to reflect a bit in these past few months. It seems we’ve all had our fair share of ups and downs. Mountains and valleys, if you will. Here’s to hoping we have all left the valley of bad times behind us – with the release of this new collection, Einstoffen shows that they’re ready to climb some new mountains. 

So, about that: Mountains & Valleys. It’s the name of the new collection. Is it symbolic? Sure, coronavirus, you’ve already got that part. But the name for this season’s collection was chosen quite literally, too. Switzerland is basically an endless succession of mountains and valleys. So Einstoffen pretty much implemented the concept geographically, strongly inspired by mountaineering and the raw natural beauty of the Alps. The new collection has a lot of special characteristics: daring shapes and combinations, a clear focus on stability, micro-engravings with mountain flower motifs, and iconic classic mountaineering prints and mountain animals on our new shirts.


And yet, it’s not only about symbolism and the beautiful country side with this collection. Mountains and Valleys is the brand’s most sustainable collection yet.

So that’s it. With this collection, some deep thinking has been done, the heavy lifting, and the reimagining. Now your job is to have fun with it. The face of the new collection is the British actor Ricki Hall which we photographed in some of the most picturesque spots in the Swiss alps. 


Don’t hesitate to check the Website to get into the Swiss mood… There is also a beautiful new video on the EINSTOFFEN page and the collection in its entirety. Breathe in and enjoy! www.einstoffen.ch

Brand Profile at Spectr. Einstoffen is also on FAVR!

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