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There is this beautiful quote by one of Hamburg’s first street artists, Artur Dieckhoff: «You ask me, what I should do? And I say: Live a wild and dangerous life, Artur!» The quote is not only a perfect match for EINSTOFFEN‘s insatiable thirst for adventure, it also perfectly fits the atmosphere of this year’s fall collection photo shooting.

The photoshoot took place in August near Hamburg with many wild (but very trustful) animals. The animalistic mixture of curiosity and instinct is definitely EINSTOFFEN’s thing, ergo «Like Wild Beasts».

You have to have a healthy instinct and a small portion of pirate-blood in your veins to survive as a free optician or independent brand in an optical industry that is increasingly dominated by gigantic multinational players. Curiosity on the other hand ensures that we keep moving forward.

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At EINSTOFFEN, the team strongly believes in the design direction adopted this spring. That’s why the Swiss brand further extended the robust acetate-wood combinations and the filigree titanium frames with subtle micro-engravings this fall. But, true to their old motto Like Wild Beasts, the shapes are becoming more adventurous again. The new shapes Buschdoktor, Delinquent, Steinmetz and Seiltänzerin definitely have the potential to become EINSTOFFEN classics, and the new shirts and watches with their natural, earthy colors and materials are an excellent match for the new shapes and forms…

Have fun checking out the new collection and make sure to watch the video below. Let’s live like wild beasts!

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