Electric – Summer News

Electric – Summer News

Just in time for summer, ELECTRIC is releasing a brand new collection of sunglasses. The new line-up offers something for all occasions, from action-packed summer sessions all the way to looking stylish while chilling out with your friends. Meanwhile, the “Smoke’n Mirror Collection” adds a new twist on popular ELECTRIC models with a stylish reflective finish. The high-quality lenses offer contrasted, sharp vision in a cool, sleek look. Four entirely new models have been added to the ELECTRIC family this summer, together with the annual “Seasonal Colours” that are not to be missed.


New Models: Knoxville & Mutiny

Knoxville, Mutiny


The Knoxville offers a stylish blend between the popular Hardknox and Detroit models, while the Mutiny is a heavily Beatnik-inspired advancement of the Shotglass model.


New Models: Plexi & Rosette

Plexi, Rosette


The Women’s Collection has also been expanded with two new models: The Plexi and the Rosette.


More Info: www.electricvisual.com

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