On a planet that is increasingly heading towards environmental disaster and growing social injustice, the 2020 warriors have decided to keep hope alive and take action, with the intention of making the world’s problems visible and inviting us to reflect and form part of the change.

Etnia Barcelona’s campaign is inspired by the power of nature. The intriguing shapes, textures and colors of birds and flowers are the common thread through the designs in this new collection that transport us to a beautiful, vernal and idyllic world. The Barcelona brand presents a campaign in which not everything is what it appears to be at first glance, as we have already seen in its previous campaigns #BeAnartist-Kampagnen.

The beauty of nature contrasts with a planet in danger: the protagonists of the campaign are surrounded by plants, flowers and birds, but they are also accompanied by objects that don’t necessarily belong in this setting, giving visibility to issues that threaten our world. These champions of nature show that they respect our planet and fight to preserve it.

The Etnia Barcelona SS20 collection is a genuine explosion of life and color, an ode to the beauty of the world that we must preserve.Following in this trend, the design team of the Barcelona brand has created new, lighter styles in metal and natural acetate, inspired by the color palette of California’s national parks, European forests and the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

Classic and timeless styles with delicate laminations and inlays. Extreme retro styles that will be on trend this season, crafted with striking acetates and in the boldest and most exclusive color combinations inspired by flowers and the plumage of tropical birds. A sophisticated collection that aims to turn heads while staying true to the brand’s DNA and unmistakable style.

Unique textures and colors are achieved thanks to the artisanal production process and the savoir-faire of Mazzucchelli, creating the natural acetate of each frame, and Barberini, developing the mineral lenses.

The designs from the new Etnia Barcelona collection have been inspired by nature, and the respect for it drives the brand to keep creating all of its collections with natural materials of the highest quality, such as cotton, wood and mineral glass.

The new Etnia Barcelona collection will be available in the online store, the Flagship Store in Barcelona, and at your usual retail location (check the shopfinder on

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