Etnia Barcelona introduces a limited-edition capsule Collection created in collaboration with the artist Ignasi Monreal

Etnia Barcelona, as always inspired by the world of art and cultural movements, presents an exclusive collection, designed in collaboration with the “enfant terrible” of Spanish art of the 21st century. Famous for his work with Gucci, Bulgari, Vogue and Adobe, or with artists like Dua Lipa, Rosalía or Fka Twigs, and for his collection of oil paintings titled ‘Plats Bruts’, Ignasi Monreal is one of the young Spanish talents of greatest international reach.

His singular outlook seamlessly combines classicism with contemporaneity, classical painting with digital art, to create visual fables which exude an air of intrigue, spiced with elements of pop culture – in short, truly unique work.

The Barcelona eyewear brand, faithful to its Anartistic stance, was drawn to the artist by its fascination for his take on, and understanding of, the world. Also, for his way of projecting both past and future into his work to offer an insight into the workings of his imagination, crafted in the most exquisite, beautiful form.

Together, Etnia Barcelona and the Spanish Rome-based artist have designed a line of eyewear, the detail of which makes it a true collector’s item. A single model of sunglasses in 3 colours, crafted in natural Mazzuqueli acetate and featuring Barberini mineral glass lenses.

Ignasi Monreal x Etnia Barcelona started its creative journey with John Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing’, a journey which delivers glasses that offer us the possibility of enjoying enhanced “peripheral vision”. Eyewear which, with the extra eyes on the temples, plays with the fantasy of never missing any chance source of inspiration.

In addition to the frames, Ignasi has also created two eye-shaped masks for the collection campaign, destined to travel around the city of Rome to seek out sources of inspiration. The Italian capital, apart from being the artist’s chosen second home, where he enjoys long stays, over which he soaks up the city’s beauty, is the scenario chosen for the campaign, likewise directed by Monreal.

The campaign, featuring the photography of Paolo Zerbini, brims over with the mix of sense of humour and romanticism so typically found in his work. The campaign shows the tour the eyes took around Rome, during which the artist never missed the opportunity to include those closest to him – a celebration of his memories of the city.

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