ETNIA BARCELONA // Look Cool at the Pool


While we are experiencing a very warm, if not to say hot August this year, it’s fair to say that Summer 2020 is like anything else this Year – different!

Spanish Brand ETNIA BARCELONA have completed their vibrant Summer Sunnies collection with a Bunch of sexy and colourful frames for you to dive in. Offering a mix of Acetate frames in gorgeous translucids with tinted lenses (right) as well as Metal frames with natural mineral lenses (left), the collection oozes Summer Beach vibes like no other.

As usual, we love the amount of detailing and effort put into both the quality of the frames and the amazing colour combinations that make this brand stand out year after year. Each pair

Go check out the entire ETNIA BARCELONA Summer Collection right now and make this Summer 2020 last forever!

Check out the entire collection here and here. And make sure to click over to FAVR where a fine selection of Sunnies awaits!

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