Etnia Barcelona to Open New Flagship Store

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Etnia Barcelona stands for is colour, art, culture. It stands for tradition and modernity, quality and innovation.

To bring their holistic brand vision to life, what better than to open a new store in the very city that most inspires the brand: Barcelona.

“It’s our emblematic building and it is more than a store, it is a concept”

Located in the emblematic Born neighborhood, right in front of Santa Maria del Mar’s Church (carrer de l’Espaseria 1-3), the place transmits the brand’s inner values and offers a 360 experience to everyone who joins the Etnia Barcelona universe.

“We couldn’t have chosen any other place to locate our Flagship Store: the modernist building transmits our DNA, recalling our mediterranean nature and the unique architecture of Barcelona”


The Flagship Store by Etnia Barcelona aims to open its doors to everyone, get closer to the customers, build a unique brand experience where every person is able to see, touch, feel and, most of all, sense the soul of Etnia Barcelona.

Etnia Barcelona Flagship Store, carrer de l’Espaseria 1-3, Barcelona, Spain.

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