Hockney, California, the seventies, swimming pools, towering palm trees and endless blue, sunny skies… This is the look for the new #BeAnartist Spring/Summer ‘19 campaign by Etnia Barcelona: a reinterpretation of David Hockney’s universe seen through the Anartist lens of world-renowned photographer, Miles Aldridge.

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Following the direction taken by Etnia Barcelona and its Anartist attitude, the campaign is inspired by a swimming pool straight out of Hockney’s famous “A Bigger Splash” painting. This artist, whose work is characterized by light, color, swimming pools and portraits of his friends, recently became one of the world’s most sought-after painters following the record-breaking auction price for his Portrait of an artist (pool with two figures).

The video here also features some very entertaining stars: The delightfully eccentric Smith family! As if they had just stepped out of one of those US comedy series from the late seventies, these characters personify the Anartist attitude of Etnia Barcelona. Just like in a Hockney painting, they’ve jumped in head-first and have no qualms about expressing themselves. Because who says you can’t go swimming in a dress?

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Or that cocktail hour should be at a particular time of day? And who says there’s a ‘right’ age to party? Etnia’s glasses celebrate this attitude and encourage those who wear them to see life their own way. This campaign exudes irony, emotion and lots of colour with each member of the Smith family representing one of the four latest collections presented by the brand for Spring/Summer ‘19. On the menu are combinations of acetate and exclusive metals on the front pieces, daring new shapes, and futuristic end pieces that stand out from the rest. These new colourful models created with a unique style in mind are available in optical stores worldwide, at, and at the flagship store in Barcelona.

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