Evolutionary Shapes // KALEOS FW2023

KALEOS’ latest FW23 collection reflects an unwavering enthusiasm for form, now reaching unprecedented peaks. KALEOS’ contemporary hallmark, combined with its well-known and distinct emphasis on structure, converges into an innovative array that stretches the limits of eyewear design. The genesis of this journey was a series of lines that ultimately gave rise to 35 fresh frames. Just as the brand matures and progresses, so too do the frames they introduce. The FW23 line Evolutionary Shapes pays tribute to KALEOS’ fixation on form and the ongoing evolution revolving around it.

As their exploration of evolving shapes continues, KALEOS’ women’s eyewear emerges as meticulously crafted embodiments of elegance. Enchanting forms that emphasize unique features. From the enduring allure of rectangular frames like »Eddy« to the allure of cat-eye aesthetics as seen in »Swenson«, from the confident statement of square frames exemplified by »Thayer« to the timeless charm of round frames embodied by »Macguff«, and the impactful presence of oversized frames like »Lynn« – each piece within this collection is meticulously designed to harmonize with and elevate every visage.

Besides KALEOS’ shape obsession, colors and materials are carefully thought out. With a strong presence of acetate frames, this collection offers a symphony of colors that harmoniously balances laminated color combinations (for those who love sophisticated touches) and striking mono colors (for the more minimalist ones).

Crafted with meticulous artistry, the stainless-steel frames emanate an air of refinement and robustness. In contrast, the acetate frames showcase an unmistakable allure and adaptability, rendering them an indispensable component in the repertoire of today’s modern gentleman.

With a strong assortment of different designs to choose from, including rectangular frames for a bold and assertive look, aviators for a touch of vintage elegance such as »Shultz«, panthos for a timeless appeal like »Oher«, and modern geometric frames like »Pascal« for those seeking a contemporary edge.

A collection where innovation meets tradition, and contemporary design embraces evolution.

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photography KALEOS

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