Eyevan 7285 Turns Old Into New

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EYEVAN 7285 is a luxury Japanese eyewear brand known for its timeless designs and genuine craftsmanship. Founded in May 2013 – EYEVAN 7285 became a reconstruction of the brand based on beautiful archives from the original EYEVAN collection. EYEVAN 7285 is inspired by products and concepts of the original EYEVAN collection (first launched in 1972) and their global debut in 1985, taking over the philosophy of EYEVAN -which then birthed the name EYEVAN 7285.

Since the reconstruction of the brand, the EYEVAN team has disassembled parts and designs used during that time and have updated details, created new shapes and altered the sizing. Vintage eyewear, telescopes, hand mirrors and old tools became design sources for EYEVAN as the temple comes from French cutlery and metal frames forming from eye test equipment.

Completely designed and manufactured in Japan – EYEVAN 7285 ranges in various styles of optical and sunglasses.

Some of the new product details for the EYEVAN 7285 collection are the one pin endpiece; which was adopted from earlier collections but updated into a modern style. EYEVAN gold is another style in which the surface processing creates a brightness and texture in a beryllium copper. The Arabesque design shown on the bridge or temple parts is also part of the original collection and has since then been updated. Craftsmen make the mold by hand which creates a vintage style by adding classic overtone. Titanium nose pads are also updated by adding titanium and swaged pad without using screws to achieve the aesthetic while ensuring strength.

More info: www.eyevan7285.com


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