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EYEVAN 7285, the Japanese luxury eyewear brand, is adding 4 new Sunnies to its 772 model. Renowned for its timeless design and traditional craftsmanship, EYEVAN 7285 draws inspiration from the products and concepts of the original EYEVAN collection (first launched in 1972) and its world premiere in 1985 and adopts the EYEVAN philosophy – once known as EYEVAN 7285.

Since the relaunch of the brand, the EYEVAN team has been rethinking the parts and designs used in that era, updating details, creating new shapes and resizing them. Inspired by vintage glasses, telescopes, hand mirrors and vintage tools, the temple is made of French cutlery and metal frames, which come from vision testing devices.

Eyevan 7285 Model 772 features iconic double-bridge metal sunglasses with a delicate 0.88mm rim at the thinnest point. The frame is made of new material, 1.8 mm β-Titanium. The new β titanium temples shaped for this collection consist of only 0.88 mm at the thinnest point to give the spectacles flexibility and comfortable fit. Original EYEVAN curved mineral glasses were also used.

More Info: www.eyevan7285.com

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