EYEVAN // The Rediscovery of Craftsmanship

Eyevan brings heritage into the here-and-now

Instead of constantly trying to innovate a new way forward, sometimes it can prove useful to take some lessons from the past. Especially when you can draw on a rich professional heritage. For this reason, the creative minds at Japanese eyewear brand EYEVAN conceptualized a new collection, titled Rediscovery of Craftsmanship. Aside from EYEVAN’s long brand history, the collection is also inspired by Japan’s eminent legacy of craftsman techniques and skilled manufacturing. The results are premium and gorgeous. SPECTR has the highlights.

The connective bolt

As a true throwback to modernist design, the connective bolt is simple and efficient. In order to connect a frame and temple element, the pin the size of a needle slides into a specific groove that lends stability to the overall frame.

Daruma-style rim

The cross section of this frame looks like the popular Japanese good luck charms known as Daruma. They are considered helpful granters of wishes and also provided a good source of inspiration for this gorgeous frame.

“Cell within Cell”

In the 1980s, EYEVAN developed a manufacturing process in which the core of the temples is decorated with delicate engravings. And even 40 years later, this style looks as stylish and relevant as ever.

Laminating process

Bridge, temples and temple tips are either entirely or partially laminated. Also a method hailing back to the 1980s, originally developed by the EYEVAN design team.

Engravings with Arabesque patterns

The Arabesque patterns found on the bridge and temples was carried over from earlier collections. The original reliefs are hand-carved by experienced craftsmen on alloyed surfaces.

To find out more about the Brand Eyevan, it’s this way!

Brand Profile at SPECTR.

The Brand is also available on FAVR!

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