Eyewear Silmo Photo Booth

Four days of Bohemian life in Paris & A storm of “Likes” on the Web

This past October, Silmo tradeshow once again brought the movers and shakers in the eyewear business to Paris. And of course, EYEWEAR magazine couldn’t miss an event of this magnitude. But then again, what’s a magazine to do at a tradeshow without any eyewear of our own to showcase? Well, we did what we do best: engage in small talk, represent and take photos. The latter was a huge hit with exhibitors and tradeshow visitors. During our four days at Silmo, more than 200 bespectacled individuals agreed to have their portraits taken. We had an amazing time, especially since many of the guests displayed professional modeling qualities. The results are a vivid snapshot of Bohemian Paris lifestyle, and we decided to print some in the magazine. But who would make the cut? We started a voting on Facebook, and were once again astounded by the response. Our page seemed close to imploding! People commented, shared and “Liked” like there was no tomorrow. Some of the portraits raked up “Likes” in the triple-digits. And the winner ultimately made it to over 1,000 “Likes,” earning him the opening spot on our Photo Booth spread. And one thing is already for sure: we’ll continue the event at the next chance we get. How about opti tradeshow in Munich this January? Don’t forget to get your haircut updated and maybe spring for a facial massage. Oh yeah, and wear your glasses, of course. See you at Eyewear Photo Booth 2.0!

Tom, South Tirol / Woodone

Sarah, Berlin / Framers

Lee, London / Cazal 867

Jérémy, Paris / Jérémy Tarian

Jean Olivier, Marseille / J.F. Rey

Jacob, Aarhus / Kilsgaard

Andy, Korea / Moscot

Daniel, London / Booth & Bruce

Luca, Rome / LGR

Marc-Antoine, Paris / Emmanuelle Khanh

Massimiliano, Italy / Patty Paillette

Mathilde , Nimes / Mykita

Matthias, Cologne / Kerbholz

Steffen, Freiburg / Blac

Thomas, Munich / Freudenhaus

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