FACE À FACE // Playing with Colour and Shape

New Face à Face Styles

One of the style leaders among French eyewear brands is upping the ante this season in terms of creative shapes and colorways: FACE À FACE, the Paris-based label led by Creative Head Pascal Jaulent presents a new selection that is bound to turn heads. Other brands may be looking for understated styles – but not FACE À FACE! Here, Pascal Jaulent speaks in our SPECTR Product Update about key pieces from the new collection.


“An ever more innovative vision of geometric nature is embodied in the new design of the iconic »Bocca«: The lenses of this pretty-shaped acetate frame evoke the birth of a diminutive bud in full bloom. The shape offers a playful take on transparencies. The »Bocca« is Art Deco and sensuality reinvented!”


“The »Neonn« is a daring hybrid frame made from titanium and beta-titanium. This masculine design is the result of a new color application technique: neon is embedded between two dark flats, resembling the light of an eclipse. This method lends an enticing look to the upscale design of this square panto shape and creates a luminous halo effect. Precious and masculine!”


“Full of spirit, light and personality, the »Witty« cultivates boldness and vitality. Just like an impertinent ray of sunshine, color-light penetrates the acetate frame with its integrated flex hinges. A colored groove highlights and gives volume the frame. Two colors collide and react vibrantly, making the glasses as lively as they are balanced.”


“The »Zenit« range is Illuminated by the color-light of the midday sun. Expressive and colorful minimalism emerges from this elegant feminine design crafted from titanium. Strong contrasting color covers the thick edge of the upper arch, thereby creating a counter perspective. Poetry and metamorphosis in ascendance!”

Im FACE À FACE Brand Profile auf FAVR könnt Ihr Brillen und Sonnenbrillen online anprobieren, viele Designer Brands und den richtigen Optiker in Eurer Gegend schnell finden. 

Brand Profile bei SPECTR.

Mehr Infos zur Brand FACE À FACE gibt es hier: www.faceaface-paris.com

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