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Face à Face 2021 Highlights

Prepare for the unexpected! What if someone took a scalpel to gorgeous eyewear and literally sliced through the frames? Welcome to the new FACE À FACE collection, in which the design team led by artistic director Pascal Jaulent plays with the Art of Deconstruction. The resulting frames are indeed both: artful and deconstructed. Presented here in a photo shoot by Ulrich Hartmann, the Radical Cutouts collection surprises with new twists on familiar shapes. For added impact, FACE À FACE implements powerful color pops. But better see for yourself in this collection shoot.

The »Bocca Palma« is inspired by the architecture of 1950s Florida, but the classic frame is deconstructed into something new and exciting. The large panto shape evokes floral color hues, paired with flashes of bright orange and soothing transparent acetate. The result is a harmonious, balanced sunny.

Virtually try on »Shift 2« here!

It’s all about masterful contrasts in the »Shift« model. The transparent acetate front clashes with a colored geometric block in electric blue. The five-piece hinges connect to black temples for dramatic effect and a post-industrial aesthetic. Reminiscent of the Eighties, but very much at home today

Are you watching closely? At first sight, the »Split« is a gorgeous sunglasses frame with slight cat eye inspirations. But then you notice the lenses, sliced away at the end pieces. Plus, the colorway of the Made in Italy acetate in milky blue against blue granita temples with quartz flashes, sliced through with electric yellow. A special piece in a special collection.

Virtually try on »Arman 1« here!

Big and bold, the masculine »Arman« model plays with a mix of materials seemingly sliced by a knife. The front section in unstructured mosaic grey is interrupted by a brow line panel in opaque petrol blue. And while the oversized, broad temples could comfortably hold a much larger frame, they add intrigue and subtlety to this unique play on a square shape.

Virtually try on »Stamp 1« here!

Sculpted outlines and unconventional twists on form language abound in the masculine »Stamp« prescription frame. The color scheme of the front could hardly be more dramatic: two-toned yellow and grey tortoiseshell connects to streamlined temples for a dynamic, self-confident look.

Virtually try on »Shift 1« & »Bocca Tweet 1« here!

Remember the 8-Bit pixel effect of the original »Bocca« model? Here’s the hardware update: The »Bocca Tweet« combines the blocky graphic accents of the original – for instance on the temples – with a cubic construction language and clashing colorways in cobalt blue and fluorescent yellow. Like any surprising tweet, this one has a good chance of going viral this season!

Find out more about the collection by visiting: www.faceaface-paris.com/

The brand is also available on FAVR, go check it out!

Brand Profile at SPECTR.

hair & make-up STEFANIE MELLIN

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