Facets and Extravagance by Gold & Wood


Transposed into the universe of Luxemburg brand Gold & Wood, the Pilot shape takes an extravagant and sophisticated dimension.

The multi-faceted lenses are declined to a high level of requirement and quality. Gold & Wood breathes a Fashion dynamic into its Sunpieces collection with the delicate diamond pattern of the lenses and the polychromatic effect.
Combining pure and sophisticated lines with the precise shaping of the elegant beveled bicolor temples, DONNA is meant for people looking for trendy luxury and who consider that elegance is measured in the finest details.

A worldwide exclusivity available in 4 precious metal colours and 4 exclusive and original mirrored lenses.
This model is equipped with flex hinges for an ultimate comfort and brushed acetate tips.

More Info: www.gold-and-wood.com

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