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FEB31st is not only a brand, but an actual factory opened in 2010 that manufactures eyeglasses with a high value added. The freedom to create one’s own glasses, innovation, respect for the resources and design are the 4 key elements that lead the creation of the new FEB31st collections.

Starting from the launch on the market of the first ultra-light wood frames in 2011, FEB31st has always looked at different and unexplored ways to enable our customers to express their personality.

The FEB31st offer is structured in man/woman/unisex proposals divided into 4 main collections designed by Kathrin Schuster and characterized by the freedom to customize, respect for the raw materials, design and innovation: Feb31st Totalwood, the FEB31st iconic collection of glasses made of 13 layers of wood:

Feb31st 2.0, the extra-t h i n a n d extra-strong wood glasses only two millimeters thick, presented for the 2017 autumn season i n 8 new models, sober and elegant;

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The new collection FEB31st EVO: positive contaminations

The dominant element of the last FEB31st EVO collection, made of metal and wood, is once again customization.
The endless palette of basic colours, which you can match as you like to create the wood elements, marries the 3 colours (gold, palladium and black) of the matt metal frame.

The final result is a pair of glasses easy to wear, comfortable and always different. Designed by Kathrin Schuster, the collection features eight models, some with vintage round, very large, panthos and square rims, and some more contemporary, like the women’s models (Elene, Lauren).

All collections feature the FEB31st technology, which uses ultra-thin and extra-strong wood rims, conveying the proposal of an elegant, essential and sophisticated image.

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More info: www.feb31st.it/de/

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