FHONE – Rebels Without A Cause

As opposed to James Dean’s character in the 1950s classic movie, it’s safe to say that Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer have a clear cause for their work. After all, the dynamic duo has been working together for 25 years at this point, and the two are regarded as household names in the eyewear industry. Spreading the gospel of stylish eyewear, the two also run five stores in downtown Munich where all the most current labels find their customers.


Next to selling eyewear, Flatscher and Pinhammer also had a dream ever since selling their Freudenhaus distribution outfit five years ago: Something was missing – namely their own thing, their own baby, a new eyewear label they could nourish and build according to their own vision. And instead of dreaming, the two founded a new brand and distribution platform this year – the rebellion is in full swing!
In search of names, the two chose some very of-the-moment acronyms: The new distribution company is named EYWR (pronounced “eyewear”), while their new label is called FHONE (pronounced “F. H. ONE.”) – with “F” short for “Flatscher” and the “H” for “PinHammer”. Plus, the “ONE” in the moniker signifies the label’s claim for bringing something truly unique to the eyewear industry.
In terms of products, the FHONE line-up consists of a classic collection featuring 30 models in four to six colorways each, crafted from titanium, acetate, and a unique titanium/acetate blend. Taking things to the next level of luxury, FHONE introduced a special buffalo horn collection under the name FHORN.


While Uwe Pinhammer keeps a tight handle on running the eyewear stores, Stefan Flatscher applies his design touches to the new collections. Overall, the FHONE collection offers understated premium styles with subtle branding, perfect for accentuating the individuality of modern-day style rebels.


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