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FLEYE Copenhagen presents Elements of Art, a collection of eyewear at the intersection between old and new, light and dark, art and design.

Following a short, pandemic-related radio silence, Scandinavian eyewear label FLEYE Copenhagen is back with a new collection: Elements of Art. Encompassing a total of six new frames, it is a tribute to Denmark’s Thorvaldsens Museum. Dedicated to preserving the works and memories of influential sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844), the museum is a testament to the Danish tradition of art and architecture. The museum is a guaranteed dose of feel-good vibes, especially on a dreary day, with its richly colored walls, ornamented ceilings and mosaic tile floors, all crafted from Bertel Thorvaldsen marble. Complemented by gypsum sculptures in ornamental lighting, it makes for an unforgettable showcase.   

The contrast between the thick beta-titanium borders and delicate upper bridge makes this frame an absolute eyecatcher. With rounded shapes and soaked in rich navy blue, the »Edward« is a flattering addition to practically every male face.
Featuring a sexy half-rim, the »Hilaro« takes its place among stylish unisex frames that are somewhere between classic and extravagant. No need to choose a side, the »Hilaro« does both with style and art-inspired swagger.
With its delicate butterfly shape, the »Diana« could hardly strike a more feminine note. The softly contoured beta-titanium is available in soft hues such as rosé and white. The Thorvaldsen-inspired patterns at the temple tips complete a stunning frame.
The unique features on the temples of the »Diana« shine front and center on the »Anne« frame. The hexagonal frame shines in an array of brightly colored patterns as well as in understated white. The classic, understated golden temples offer a smart contrast to the front section.

Inside the artistic process

The FLEYE design team also found the Thorvaldsens Museum unforgettable and used it as inspiration for the current collection. The overall goal: FLEYE’s designers sought to blend elements of the museum’s architecture and art exhibits into frame designs. They began by experimenting with the modelling process at the outset of a marble sculpture and place it within a contemporary context. Instead of molding elements from clay, the designers used soap as their raw material, which they proceeded to craft into a diverse number of shapes, colors, and patterns in the style of Thorvaldsen’s works. In the next step, the team stacked the molded blocks of soap on top of each other, thereby creating unique artistic sculptures and a foundation for novel eyewear designs.

This is how a range of fascinating, almost graphical art sculptures found their way into the frames depicted here from the Elements of Art collection. The solid color blocking and fascinating patterns from the museum’s interior were directly applied to the new colorways and engravings of the eyewear designs. The same goes for the patterns and transparency effects created by light reflections. Every frame represents the intersection between art and craftsmanship as a showcase of FLEYE’s vision for modern, enduring designs.

Check out the entire Elements of Arts Collection here: https://fleye.dk/de/

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