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FLEYE Copenhagen’s “Nordic Light” collection transforms the beautiful Scandinavian light into new eyewear shapes and colorways.

With a modern take on the Danish Skagen Paintings from the late 19th century, FLEYE Copenhagen created an eyewear collection that captures the painters’ fabulous composition of colors and light. The Skagen Painters were a group of Scandinavian artists, who settled in the village of Skagen to portray the remarkable light and scenery. It was especially this unique quality of light that had drawn them to the northernmost point of Denmark. A translucent light that merged the sea and sky. Anyone who has visited Skagen will agree that the place truly is something special, with its natural sceneries and fascinating light.

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Inspired by the iconic Skagen paintings

FLEYE Copenhagen’s design team wanted to create their own inspirational artwork and began to experiment with various materials with different characteristics; solid, transparent, glossy and liquid. They wanted to see how the surfaces interacted with each other and with light. It turned out that condensed milk with its liquid and glossy surface combined with solid, transparent gelatin mixed with color paste could bring texture, contrast and depth to a blank canvas. Here the design team could play with both matte and shiny surfaces, the soft natural light, color contrasts, and beautiful reflections – with an understated reference to the Skagen paintings.

These stunning abstract artworks, captured by still life photographer, Ida Emilie Risager, led to the new designs for the Nordic Light collection. Design concepts such as transparency, depth and structure have been applied to create the collection using a varied selection of materials, from light acetates, to warm carbon/wood and fine beta-titanium. Each frame becomes its own artistic expression when textures are combined, colors are chosen, and reflections are created.

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