FLEYE COPENHAGEN // The Silent Noise Collection is Growing

FLEYE Copenhagen introduces new styles in the Silent Noise collection

This season FLEYE Copenhagen presents the second part of their Silent Noise campaign, that reinterprets the universe of silent movies. FLEYE introduces 14 new styles full of life, color and joy.


FLEYE Copenhagen’s Silent Noise collection is inspired by the Danish silent movie actress Asta Nielsen. Asta Nielsen was one of the most popular leading ladies of the 1910’s and one of the first international movie stars. The Silent Noise collection is a tribute to Asta Nielsen and a celebration of her colourful, diva-like and expressive character.


Asta Nielsen was a very fascinating character that lived a flamboyant lifestyle during her career in Berlin. With this collection we would like to honor her way of life by creating colorful, expressive, edgy and joyful eyewear designs“, – Annette Estø, Head of Design.

The inspiration

The design team was inpired by the lifestyle of Asta Nielsen, which gave them the idea of creating different elements that could visualize it. Therefore they began experimenting with shattered glass as a symbol of champagne glasses, pearls and feathers. The different movements of the elements created beautiful shadows and lightnings, which has been transferred into new pat- terns in the eyewear design.

The collection

The 14 new styles in the Silent Noise collection includes 4 new acetate frames in beautiful colors with a direct link to the old Asta Nielsen movie posters, 7 new carbon/wood frames that takes extravagance and coolness to a whole new level and 3 new beta-titanium frames with subtle details, but yet expressive colors. All representing Asta Nielsen and her ability to create a universe full of expression without the use of words.


To find out more about the Silent Noise Collection, head to: www.fleye.dk

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