FLEYE to launch “Smørrebrød” collection at Silmo 2017




This season’s AW17 collection from FLEYE Copenhagen is dedicated to Scandinavian food culture, intended to inspire with the colors, textures, and layerings of Danish smørrebrød. In line with FLEYE’s design identity, they’ve blended these urban Nordic impulses with the classic simplicity that their frames are known for.

Focusing on Scandinavian food culture, the brand’s intention was to create small art pieces inspired by the traditional smørrebrød. This open-faced sandwich is an important part of Danish heritage, reflecting the Nordic way of thinking of food visually – and it’s become a playground for chefs to try out different but powerful colors, textures, and taste combinations.

Smørrebrød caught our attention at FLEYE because of its layered construction. The variety of components comes in many colors, with textures placed on top of each other. Focusing on smørrebrød as inspiration allowed Fleye to play with these layers, mixing solid and transparent acetate and creating delicate colour combinations and shapes that are both modern and sophisticated.

In collaboration with chef Rasmus Kjær, we’ve created pieces of smørrebrød from seasonal colors. Together with photographer Columbus Leth, they documented the whole process from the single elements to the completed smørrebrød creations, ending up with small art pieces, some obvious in their inspiration and others much more abstract.

More info: www.fleye.dk

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