FLEYE COPENHAGEN „Silent Noise“ Collection

In everyday speech, an oxymoron is the juxtaposition of two seemingly exclusive opposites. But in eyewear design, this kind of contrast can yield powerful results when it’s used as a stylistic device. For proof, check out the Silent Noise collection by Scandinavian brand FLEYE COPENHAGEN. The campaign tells a unique story – entirely without words – in the style of silent films from the 1910s. SPECTR gets behind the scenes!

Helene / Tamara

»Helene« is a thin and oversized frame that not only appears edgy, but also rather feminine and enhances every face with a unique boost of personality.  

»Tamara« is a thin and square optical style. Adding an oversized look to the mix, it creates a strong aura.

Eske / Magda

With its classic, delicate appearance, the »Eske« is an equally timeless and modern frame with a special edge of elegance.

»Magda« is the perfect combination of feminine and daring, chic and enchanting.

Tesman / Aage

»Tesman« is an optical style blending classic and modern design in a unique manner and invites lots of deep eye contact.

»Aage« is a square unisex frame with an oversized look that personifies lots of self-confidence and urban attitude.

Tribute to a Diva

First things first, the new Silent Noise line by FLEYE is a tribute to a silver screen icon: Danish actress Asta Nielsen, one of the most famous lead actors in 1910s film production and one of the first international movie stars. Having risen from humble origins, Nielsen advanced to become one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. As a young film star, her lavish life of luxury and her self-confident clothing style earned Nielsen a reputation as a fashion icon. Her dark brown eyes and hair also lent her a special aura of mystique, while her colorful personality as a diva earned her recognition on the international scene.

Telling a Story without Words

In the process of finding inspiration for the collection, the FLEYE design team embarked on a journey back in time to the glory days of the silver screen. The fundamental concept consisted of translating Asta Nielsen’s grandiose lifestyle into gorgeous frame shapes. From this departure point, the design team started experimenting with broken glass to invoke the contours of champagne flutes, shadows, and feathers. This created an inspirational environment to invoke Nielsen’s aura. Using these stylistic elements, the team created shadow outlines that pay homage to the basic nature of silent film, most importantly the ability to tell a story without using any words.

Contrasts Between Colors and Expression

When it came to selecting the color palette for the Silent Noise collection, FLEYE relied on vintage movie posters from Asta Nielsen’s acting career. Rich in vibrant colors, these posters exuded a unique sense of attitude that directly informed the collection’s choice of colors and engravings on the frames.

By channeling Nielsen’s legacy into the colorways and silhouettes of the collection in this creative manner, the new line attains a recognizable design DNA. Some of the designs feature a unicolored and dark front section, contrasted by a colored backside. Others strike a feminine but powerful appearance – enriched by oversized shapes – while others tend to be rather delicate but also strong in character. As you see, contrasts and oxymorons abound in this stylish line inspired by the lifestyle of silver screen icon Asta Nielsen.

For SPECTR, designer Anette Estø chose her six favorites from the Silent Noise collection – by the way, the models are named after important persons from Nielsen’s life –  and shares her personal connection to these styles.

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