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In the late 1990s, only one certain brand of jeans would be allowed into my closet. Or to be more precise, only one single style from that brand – but in all imaginable kinds of colors and washes: the G-Star Elwood model. At the time, this entirely new cut of jeans offered the perfect blend of cool style and comfort in a way people had never seen before. I single-handedly donated all my other jeans to charity – and I wasn’t the only one. As a quick stroll down the street revealed: The Elwood had become an ubiquitous fashion staple! Starting at the end of this year, G-Star will broaden its offering beyond fashionable garments with a series of prescription glasses and shades for men and women. Make no mistake: This step has been a long time in the making. After all, the denim pioneers took a sweet 25 years before releasing eyewear considered worthy of bearing the iconic G-Star logo.

The G-Star design ethic, “Just the Product” also applies in the brand’s approach to eyewear: Many features of the new eyewear collection are clearly based on the fashion heritage of the storied denim label, including references to iconic G-Star colors and styles in the names of eyewear models. This allows G-Star to consistently position thebrand in the eyewear segment while keeping the brand’s image 100% intact. G-Star’s industrial stylistics are clearly reflected in the details of the glasses: Whereas other brands usually conceal the screws on the hinges of the frames, G-Star opted for exposed, highly visible screws, while the temples feature industrial stamping of style codes on the outside. Meanwhile, the temple tips are perforated, reminiscent of zipper pulls and in-line with the brand’s apparel roots. The most striking feature at the core of the entire collection is clearly the straight cut of the lenses.

Every single one of the 16 sunglasses and 22 prescription models of the collection features lenses with a straight front, reminiscent of early 20th century military-issue eyewear – a really unique stand-out feature in today’s almost infinite eyewear universe. Next to the characteristic lens placement, the iconic logo wrapped around the sides of the frames over the temples offers a subtle but unmistakable way to identify these glasses as true G-Star originals in the street. Let’s wait and see if these glasses can manage to become as ubiquitous as the Elwood jean. G-Star Eyewear – it’s been a long time coming…




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