i Leggeri Collection
The first collection Germano Gambini, “i LEGGERI”, was created in the 70s.
It’s the most popular and widespread collection, born from the vision of making the glasses, until then little more than a “required prosthesis”, comfortable to wear and at the same time emphasizing the face. They appear as the first “light frames”, only 8 grams, that come in a range of colors and shapes and are extraordinarily attractive. The collection, since then, has had a strong development. Today it presents several models for women, men and unisex, from eyeglasses to sunglasses, with new forms and colors as well as more classic ideas, that are always being updated and reinterpreted. The material, acetate cellulose, is now available in a BIO version, obtained from renewable and completely biodegradable materials.

Today the collection consists besides the great range of acetate styles a new contemporary metal line collection. We call it the „THE LIGHT METALS – ILEGGERI“ Made of stainless steel, lightweight, thin, modern contemporary and comfortable to wear designs. „THE LIGHT METALS – LINE“ consists fifteen optical and six sunglass styles. The material stainless steel reflects a maximum of quality and comfort to wear.

Daring the less obvious color, exploring an unusual shape, feeling the pleasure to find your own style, or to change it radically. All this is i Leggeri: a technically perfect collection, made with attention to the smallest details, flawless synthesis of a refined and contemporary aesthetics.


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