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GIGI Studios is presenting the new sheet models made in ultra-light stainless steel

A launch of six new designs made with stainless steel sourced from the German steel industry.

This March, GIGI Studios is introducing six new models made in an ultra-light stainless steel sheet. With these new models, the brand’s most innovative collection, the GIGI Studios LAB collection is being extended.


The six new models have been made in stainless steel, worked into a 0.5 millimetre sheet, which offers top resistance and a weight of just 10 grams. It is an innovative material sourced from the prestigious German steel industry.

The unisex designs are available in 4 colours each, giving a total of 24 references that are presented in an extensive, versatile palette of colours. From matt shades in grey, dark blue or burgundy to shiny gold tones with engraved, hand-painted lines in different colours that offer a unique touch to these models.

Among the six models, shapes such as the pantos used for JODIE or JILL, rounder profiles as shown in NIGHTS or MARBLE, or with double bridges, such as JORDAN or WILLIAMS, all stand out.

The Sheet models by GIGI Studios LAB have been developed using just four welding points that bring sturdiness and strength to the structure. The hinges used are Monoblock, which make the assembly much more practical. The end tips are made in milled acetate, to guarantee comfort without giving up any lightness.



Cutting Edge technology

The new Sheet stainless steel models are mainly inspired by technology and fashion. The subtlety of the designs and their extreme lightness define this collection that is characterised by the use of ultra-light materials such as beta-titanium and high density acetate. An exact implementation that combines traditional techniques with cutting edge technology to reach the most refined aesthetics.

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