A new collection consisting of 12 models for adults with small faces in signature GIGI Studios style.

The new GIGI Studios collection was specially designed for teenagers and adults with small faces. A segment for which there are so far only a few appealing offers on the market in terms of design.

The new frames embody the avant-garde mix of styles of the brand in small sizes. An extremely pretty collection in a wide range of colours in vibrant shades from pink to intense blue and turquoise green. The contemporary designs are unisex but mostly with a feminine vibe for peeps who love fashion and the latest trends, focused on individuality.

The new collection consists of 12 models, six in stainless steel and six in acetate. All models are available in four colours. The metal frames catch the eye with hexagonal and square shapes. The acetate models come in translucent shades in shapes ranging from hexagonal to rectangular.

Acetate frames include designs from the JUNE, ZOE and TIANNA collection with lamination in various colour combinations. Both the MAYA model in stainless steel with Windsor Rim at the top of the frame and the MOON and NAIA models in hexagonal shape with different coloured frame rings represent a modern, down to earth collection.

The collection featured here is called TEENS as the silhouettes are for petite faces. It’s the fifth collection of the brand after Vanguard, Icons, Men and Lab. With TEENS, GIGI Studios positions itself as a brand with a wide range for all face shapes and sizes.

To find out more about the collection, visit:

Brand Profile at Spectr. At FAVR the brand Gigi Studios is also available, check it out!

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