Ola! Gigi Studios launches 10 new models, six optical and four sunglasses, characterized by geometrical volumes and forms and destined for Men.

Let the power of the imagination define this season’s designs.

If you don’t look, you don’t see

GIGI Studios presents the MEN collection for autumn/winter 21/22. From well-defined volumes with thick borders to classical shapes with colored rims. Ten new models with contrasts and graduated tones that offer vitality and a touch of distinction.

In optical, rectangular silhouettes and panto frames in select colours. From autumn tones like terracotta and fire green to dark matte shades. The combination of natural acetate and stainless steel distinguishes models like KANDINSKY and FLEMING: classic outlines with retro style and colored rims.

In sunglasses, standouts include STEWART and DALI, manufactured in pure Italian acetate in an elegant and innovative color palette, along with designs like FORD and MONET that combine stainless steel and acetate.

The GIGI Studios MEN collection embodies the UNREAL REALITY campaign the brand launched in August of 2021. A campaign that invites us to look beyond established limits.


GIGI Studios MEN combines timeless, casual models with other avant-garde designs, conceived with an abundance of great details. Contemporary designs in optical and sunglasses designed for today’s men, with larger sizes for a perfect fit. We like!

Check out all 10 models and more here!

Gigi Studios is also part of the FAVR Family! Come check out their Brand Profile and frames now!

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