GIGI Studios is presenting the new VANGUARD models for summer 2021

This summer 2021, GIGI Studios is extending its VANGUARD collection with six optical and three sun models. Nine designs that reflect the essence of the collection: the top expression of fashion, avant-garde and sophistication. A collection formed by optical and sun models that are destined for the female audience.


Inspired by a variety of cultures, continents and styles, in this summer collection called VANGUARD, GIGI Studios combines daring, exuberant shapes with others that are more subtle, but just as expressive.


For protection against the sun, GIGI Studios propose three new designs: BELLA, EDDIE and WALKER. Models with a retro aesthetic, showing thick Windsor rims, made in Italian acetate and with unique details that merge together with ingenuity and delicacy.

Amongst the new optical models, GIGI Studios proposes two design lines. On the one hand, 3 geometric designs, made in natural acetate, inspired by the decade of the 1970s: the hexagonal ZINA, the square VICTORIA and the more rounded, angular-rimmed, ELYSE. All of them have the triangular details characteristic of the VANGUARD collection. On the other hand, GIGI Studios is introducing the new double line concept into the three stainless steel designs. The three new models, NADINE, GOLDIE and CURTIS, have a double line that stands out from both the upper and lower rims. A formal innovation that offers new shapes and subtle colour contrasts.

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