Eyewear technology Made in Austria meets Berlin street style. When the Zillertal and Kreuzberg get together, magic happens. The Tyrolean Eyewear Brand gloryfy unbreakable – standing for their distinctive unbreakable glasses – and iriedaily, the Berlin figurehead in terms of streetwear, are launching their first gloryfy x iriedaily edition.

The gloryfy x iriedaily Edition

Berlin’s top address for streetwear – iriedaily – has been committed to their claim “STAY DIFFERENT” from the very beginning and gloryfy, with its unique technology and individual designs, clearly stands out in the eyewear industry. Common denominators of both brands, and the people behind them, are their productions in Europe and the common focus on independent and stylish design, at the intersection of fashion and sportswear.

Last year they started their collab on the gloryfy x iriedaily Edition. First ideas, drafts and sketches were played back and forth between the Zillertal and Berlin. In the end they agreed on two highlights from the gloryfy lifestyle collection.

Two Models: Gi8 Panto & Gi26 Kingston

The choice fell on two unisex models, the Gi8 Panto and the Gi26 Kingston, which were designed according to the colours and patterns of the upcoming iriedaily collection and refined with a handful of nice details.

This is a incontested case of style meets high-tech as the gloryfy x iriedaily edition also offers a set of high-tech features:

Unbreakable lenses and frames, highest optical quality, adjustable temples and minimal weight – unbeatable in terms of comfort. The stylish design details, such as the slogan “STAY DIFFERENT” on the inside of the glasses and a gloryfy x iriedaily box, which is only available with this edition, round off the high-tech package perfectly.

We are very happy about the collaboration. Similar to iriedaily, the brand stands for DIY spirit, innovation and production in Europe. STAY DIFFERENT meets STAY UNBREAKABLE. Can’t get any better,” says Denise Graff, marketing manager at the Berlin streetwear label.

The Brand Gloryfy just joined the SPECTR family! Welcome!

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