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GÖTTI has its own magazine. In it, you will find the entire world of the Swiss Eyewear brand – lots of glasses design, life style, innovation, and everything around the production. And on the cover – a highlight from the collection of course.

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A close-up – focused on the glasses with attention to detail. It is about style, design, and the character of the person wearing them. This close-up is the star of the new campaign. The photos are a fusion of positive life style and the distinct cover photo of the new Götti magazine. Always with a subtle kick the photos are bound to be a surprise. The campaign was created and produced in close collaboration with fashion photographer Zosia Prominska.
But the play with the cover is only the beginning. Use the hashtag #gotticover and be part of the group that wants to be a bit „Götti“. The question is – what cover will you be behind?

This is a lovely Side-Project from the Swiss Brand, made with just as much love as their frames, deserves every bit of attention from our end… and hopefully yours!

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