götti: xanadu

Okay, let’s admit it: sometimes we just can’t resist. During the production run for this issue, hundreds of pairs of glasses are waiting for their photo shoot. Many of the styles that spend weeks in our care are simply too beautiful as to ignore their presence for this long. And when it comes to choosing a nice pair for the daily walk to our favorite Thai restaurant, we sometimes dig into our own stash. Not that we don’t own our own shades – but as they say, variety is the spice of life. Given the vast amounts of eyewear passing through our hands on a daily basis, it’s always reassuring to come across a particular model that still manages to trickle our fancy. For an example, look no further than this beauty from Swiss quality label Xanadu, the götti. We think it’s high time for the götti with its Spin & Stow technology to be honored as the Editor’s Choice of this issue. Offering a high-quality finish, a casual shape, lofty fit around the nose and an ambient green tint in the lenses, it’s the perfect fit for our lunch breaks, even if the sky turns gray. Because thanks to built-in Spin & Stow, the temples can be turned inwards to fit the götti in any shirt pocket. And while we are madly in love with this one, leaving it out on the table, in full reach of prowlers looking to pocket this precious pair, would be a foolish risk we’re not ready to take, ever.


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