GÖTTI // Around the Structure

Götti creates excitement on the face by contrasting surface textures on the retro glasses ASHLEY and ASTON


A deliberate accent evokes striking vibrancy.

A highly polished metal profile in dialogue with a naturally structured rim – matte meets shiny, filigree on chunky. Both elements receive finely engraved lines bringing forth a sophisticated interplay of balance and harmony.

Urban retro for timeless beauty

The urban style of both models ASHLEY and ASTON is the culmination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative 3D print technology. The character is enhanced with natural colour nuances of stone gray, slate, and moss green in combination with gold.

To find out more about these two models and their current collection, visit: www.instagram.com/gottiswitzerland or www.gotti.ch

Visit the GÖTTI brand profile on FAVR to virtually try on their eyeglasses and sunglasses and find opticians in your area.

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