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Reduction re-interpreted. Based on Perspective and Perspective Bold, Perspective Loop by GÖTTI now follows – an expanded viewpoint of consistent minimalism. Unsurpassed lightness paired with compelling contours.

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A fine line emphasizes the lens edge, creating delicate accents and varied intensity. The silky-matte facet in tandem with a delicate, colorful edge creates a dynamic attraction. The result is a fascinating interplay between delicate modesty and strong character in true GÖTTI Style!

Matte rings made of polyamide unite harmoniously with the metal component tones of gold, silver, and black, creating a remarkable urban presence. Using a straight forward frame connection system, ten different colours can be freely mixed. Fascinating combinations ensue, leaving wide latitude for individual expression. The high quality materials meet the most rigorous demands for durability and comfort.

In other words, Perspective Loop is a stylish expression of technical precision and aesthetic sophistication. We say well done and cannot wait to see these beauties in real life at Silmo, Paris.

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