The connection between precision and aesthetics is fascinating. Every single small detail of ACY and ARIK dovetails with the next, forming a singular entity of pure reduction.

With their new classic Titanium frames ACY and ARIK, every tiny detail is coordinated with the others. Everything forms a unit and ultimately shows itself in pure reduction.


A unique profile

The lenses are surrounded by a unique profile.

Finest details create a sophisticated interplay with a highly polished surface – the surprising texture reveals craftsmanship of the highest quality.

For decades, Götti has worked with their own manufacturer in Japan. Thanks to their close relationship, it was possible to create an uncompromising realization of design ideas into pure titanium, resulting in glasses which unite minimalism and craftsmanship.


To find out more about the current collection, please visit: www.gotti.ch

Brand Profile at SPECTR.

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